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Number Crunching: Increase Search Traffic by 14% with Local Listing Management

We have been investing a ton of time in data analysis of our marketing here at Pronto. Recently we've by taking a look at our Local Listing Booster service to see how effective the program has been in moving the needle.

We started by dumping tens of thousands of data points from Google Analytics and organizing them into different traffic sources: Direct, Organic Search, Paid Search (PPC), Referral, Email Campaigns and Social Media. Next, we grabbed a data set covering a 90 day period (October through early January) and starting comparing clients enrolled in the Business Listing Management service to those not enrolled.

Analyzing the Results

The first thing we noticed is that enrolled clients had 34.7% more traffic from organic search than non-participating clients. Since the Business Listing Management service works by building citations and local listings (both important for local SEO) on directories throughout the Web, this was an encouraging figure - but inconclusive. A quick look shows that enrolled clients performed better under every traffic source, so perhaps our group of enrolled clients just happen to get more traffic in general.

Time to Dig Deeper!

To get a better understanding of Business Listing Management’s impact, we decided to look at the performance of clients over time. We started the program in early May of 2011, so we grabbed another 90 day data set from February to April. When compared to the more recent data set (October-early January), we found some fantastic numbers.

Over an eight-month period, clients enrolled in the program averaged a 14.58% increase in organic search traffic while those not enrolled only averaged a 3.67% increase. On top of that, the average number of visits decreased or remained consistent for every other traffic source. Only organic traffic showed an increase over the reporting time frame.


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These are great numbers that show the results of a great program. Feel free to review the full results. Plus, read more about the Local Listing Booster service, how it works and why it’s an important part of any local SEO strategy.

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