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The Blog as a Link Building Power Tool

Howdy! A couple of months ago, I laid out some general ideas on how to start building inbound links for your site. Today, it's time to dive into one (well, one and a half) of those items in more detail.

Every webmaster and blogger wants quality content for their site. The only problem is that quality content isn't easy to produce. It takes time or money or both. Often, site owners will jump at the opportunity to post an article on their blog written by a guest.

Quality content is to B2B marketing as catnip is to LOLcats.

Guest blogging isn't easy either, but the links you build to your site and the connections you make with other site owners can prove invaluable in the long run. AND, you have an amazing tool at your disposal to make this much easier – your existing blog posts. You already have hundreds of articles on your site ready to be used as guest blogging articles.

We've said it before and we'll say it again - you have total control of the articles posted by Pronto on your blog. Feel free to use them however you please.

Here's an example of David Spire at United Systems Computer Group leveraging an article to build a link from his local Chamber of Commerce's blog. David accomplishes two important things here: 1) he built a quality, relevant link back to his site and 2) he exposed United Systems to a wider audience that might not normally visit his site. In short, he increased his internet presence.

These guest blogging opportunities won't just fall in your lap. You have to go out and find them. David did a great job of finding a blog within his local business community. This is a perfect place for you to start too, but where do you look after that? I'm sure we all have our favorite tech blogs, but TechCrunch and Mashable probably aren't looking for guest bloggers. So where do we go? To the internet!

Google has several advanced search operators that can help you find exactly what you are looking for. I'll briefly discuss two of them that can be useful for our purposes here.

The "inurl:" function limits the results to pages that contain a specific word in the URL. Searching for "pronto marketing" returns all kinds of pages from our site and other domains, but searching for "pronto marketing inurl:blog" cuts out everything that doesn't include the word "blog" in the URL.

Now, you can pick out a specific service that you offer, add inurl:blog to your search query and BOOM - a list of blogs on that topic.

The "site:" operator restricts results to a single domain. A search for "" returns every page indexed by Google on our domain. There are tons of uses for this search operator but in this case we are going to use its negative function (-site:) which removes a domain from results. This can be useful if one domain is dominating the results, or as in the example below, you want to remove UK websites from the results - no offense to our friends in the UK! 🙂

Now get out there, find some blogs and send a message to the site owner! I recommend getting as specific as possible. Is there a service you specialize in that most other companies don't? Focus on that! Don't expect a perfect reply rate. Any blog worth its weight in LOLcats gets a ton of messages everyday - be patient and stick with it. You'll hear back from someone eventually and it will totally be worth it.

Sound interesting? Good! Here's a much more detailed article on guest blogging.

Tim Kelsey

SEO & Analytics Manager


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