How Pronto helps increase your site’s traffic

We've recently been digging through our Google Analytics data to try and answer a question that we’ve posed to ourselves for quite a while now: How does a website’s traffic change after switching to Pronto? We have plenty of anecdotal evidence that most of our clients see improved results after switching to us, but Google Analytics doesn’t make it very easy to look at aggregated data on a large scale level.

B2B demand generation survey results

The results are in! At the beginning of October, we mentioned a B2B lead generation survey being conducted by Software Advice. The survey focuses on the marketing efforts of B2B business of varying sizes. After tabulating and calculating the data, Software Advice shared the results with us so we could pass them on to you, and we hope you can gain some insight for this information as you finalize your marketing plans for 2013.
About the respondents
First, let's take a look at what kind of companies and people responded to the survey so you can get a better idea of how your company fits into the data being presented.

Number Crunching: Increase Search Traffic by 14% with Local Listing Management

We have been investing a ton of time in data analysis of our marketing here at Pronto. Recently we've by taking a look at our Local Listing Booster service to see how effective the program has been in moving the needle.

We started by dumping tens of thousands of data points from Google Analytics and organizing them into different traffic sources: Direct, Organic Search, Paid Search (PPC), Referral, Email Campaigns and Social Media.