Facebook Shop plus Facebook Advertising – A deadly profitable combo

Optimize your advertising campaigns by syncing your website's products with your Facebook page

Ever wish you could get more sales from Facebook or spend less time building ads for each of your products?

For anyone with an eCommerce website and who’s running ads via Facebook and Instagram, the Facebook for WooCommerce extension will help you do just that.

Automate Your Online Business With InfusedWoo – The Powerful WooCommerce + Infusionsoft Plugin

Running a modern-day, online business can get a bit complicated. You have to use all these different types of software to perform tasks necessary for growing and retaining your customer base.

You have to use WordPress for managing your site, install a plugin to set up a payments system, integrate it with an automation tool to collect and analyze data.

Pronto Insights – Leads

Leads are among the most important metrics for any business. Our Leads Dashboard makes sure you have all the information you need about the leads coming to your website, helping you understand how they arrived there and which sources are driving the most conversions.

Pronto Insights – Traffic

The Traffic Dashboard helps you find out who is coming to your website, where they are coming from, and what they're doing on your website. You can also see traffic trends over time, which channels are having the greatest impact, and more. Let's take a look at every aspect of the traffic dashboard and how you can use it to get the big picture.

Pronto Insights – Call Tracker

Our call tracking platform works by dynamically replacing all the phone numbers on your website with a tracking number that’s based on each site visitor.

When visitors dial one of these tracking numbers, calls are forwarded to your primary office line (or any number you choose) while the caller's details, including how he or she arrived at your site, the page the caller landed on, and a recording of the call, will be logged in our reporting system for you to review later.

Pronto Insights – Getting Started

Pronto Insights is a powerful tool within our client portal that allows you to access your most important marketing data all in one place. Pronto Insights is currently available for clients with an active Managed Website subscription.

Pronto Insights has four dashboards, each of which gives you an overview of a specific category of data.