The Local Search Optimization Handbook

everything a business owner needs to get local leads

With Google estimating that 97% of consumers are looking for information about local businesses and services through their online searches, it's crucial to understand how local search management and optimization works.

Everything you need to know about improving your local search results in less than 20 minutes.

Local SEO Guide Handbook

  • What is a local search?
  • How are people searching locally?
  • How to appear in local searches?
  • Managing your listings
  • Potential problems with listings
  • Measuring success

As in any small to medium-sized business, your bread and butter really comes from the communities and people nearest to you. These days you won't find your customers walking the streets desperately looking for you. Instead, they'll be actively searching online thanks to the increased usage of smartphones and tablets with apps that seek out bars, gyms, repair shops, and restaurants.

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