Try this 10-minute weekly routine to see if AdWords is right for you

At the risk of dating ourselves, we’ve been “doing” Google AdWords long before the first flannel-wearing millennials set up shop in cafes and made an entire freelance industry out of it. And from those decades of experience, we’ve noticed one universal constant in the AdWords field: When it comes to proper management of your account, the work is never done.

Undeniable Proof That Your Small Business is Ready for AdWords

No matter how incredible your SEO is, there are always a handful of other sites at the very top of the results page. The only thing that sets these rankings apart from yours is the word “Ad”...and investments in Google’s AdWords platform.

Before you write off paid search ads, consider that they make up roughly 95% of Google’s total revenue!

Is it time for you to jump into paid search advertising as well?

As of 2014, the web advertising industry weighed in at a whopping $117.6 billion.