What January 2018’s Facebook Update Means For Your Business

While over the years we’ve seen Facebook slowly make changes to the way brands and businesses reach their audiences, this is the first time they have openly stated their intention: to reduce the exposure of brand and business pages.

This major update is aimed to boost the well-being of Facebook’s users by showing users more posts from family, friends and groups they are part of, and less content from businesses, brands, and media organizations.

Holiday Marketing Strategies, are they worth it? 3 tips to get you going

Should we run a holiday marketing campaign? Clients ask us this question often. We are used to seeing Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies running BIG campaigns during such times, but what if you operate in the Business-to-Business (B2B) sector? Is it worth competing with all the B2Cs and their big holiday budgets?

The short answer is YES.

When it comes to Holiday (Seasonal) Marketing, strategies are more geared toward creating a sense of urgency to make a purchase or a donation.

3 practical link building opportunities

Once you build your site to foster solid on-site SEO — faster loading times, improved keyword usage, frequently updated content and well designed landing pages — your attention should turn to another detail that will boost your domain up the search engine rankings: off-page SEO.

What follows are the three off-page SEO tactics that the highest ranking pages in terms of local and widespread search results use to ensure their competitive edge in their individual markets while still remaining practical for busy business owners to achieve.

What is a sales funnel and why is it important?

One of the most common questions that I am asked by clients is, "What's the most effective marketing technique which will get me leads?" Unfortunately, the question is impossible to answer. It assumes that there is one technique that will turn someone who has never heard of your business into a paying customer.

Why you should take automated SEO reports with a grain of salt

It would be nice to have the search engine optimization of your site boiled down to a simple score from 0-100, but SEO isn’t as simple as a green checkmark or a red X.

And while it can be helpful to run your site through an automated analysis tool to help point out things you may have overlooked, you shouldn’t take all the information those tools provide as the be-all, end-all of the site’s optimization.

Try this 10-minute weekly routine to see if AdWords is right for you

At the risk of dating ourselves, we’ve been “doing” Google AdWords long before the first flannel-wearing millennials set up shop in cafes and made an entire freelance industry out of it. And from those decades of experience, we’ve noticed one universal constant in the AdWords field: When it comes to proper management of your account, the work is never done.

Tips for reviving a diminishing social media presence

Businesses have gained many significant advantages thanks to social media. For people who are serious about growing their social media presence, they need to see it in terms of both growing and also in an engaged following. Sometimes, your dream of social media growth might start fading away due to a number of reasons including: too much competition to handle the rapidly changing technological environment, legal and political swings, unpredictable economic fluctuations, and cultural and social changes.