Post-sales marketing tips that delight customers and boost your bottom line

Regardless of what you sell, whether a product or service, sales are the lifeblood of all businesses. If you’re not getting new customers, you’ve got no bottom line.

Pretty straightforward right? Well, not exactly. A lot of businesses forget about ‘marketing to customers’ and instead, focus all their attention on marketing to new prospects.

Does social media help you rank in Google search results?

Before we posted our answer, Google returned 15.8 million results for “Does social media help you rank in Google search results?”

Our Search and Advertising team poured over each result on Google’s first page, and found that none of them provided a satisfying answer for small-business owners new to search engine optimization (SEO).

From our perspective, the short answer is simple: No, social media won’t boost your site’s ranking on Google.

How to Keep Coming up with Fresh Content for your Newsletter Week after Week

Few businesses give email marketing and newsletters campaigns the attention they deserve. They underestimate its importance as a marketing channel and the influence it can have on your customers.

Unfortunately, many of these businesses focus their marketing efforts on social media platforms instead of email campaigns.

4 Shortcuts to Ensuring Your eBook Keeps Getting Downloaded

It must have felt so great to have finished writing your eBook. Especially if you gave your everything to write it: blood, sweat, time, tears and probably a lot of coffee.

But you know what ruins this feeling of accomplishment?

When you put your eBook front and center on your website or on the Kindle Store -- and no one downloads it.

Email marketing 101: Successful newsletter campaigns

One of the best ways to kick-start your digital marketing efforts is by building a healthy list of interested contacts and regularly emailing content for them to enjoy. Time and again, eNewsletters have proven to be one of the better tools for strengthening client relationships and engagement:

Epsilon revealed that more marketing emails were opened in 2016 than in 2015, increasing by over 3%.
Experian’s 2016 benchmark report announced that personalized emails and newsletters got an 11% bump in open rates and received 27% more clicks.

Web copywriting and content creation tips you can master today

No matter what you’re selling, you need words to seal the deal. For some business owners, that means proclamations of “I know words, I have the best words!” without any clear calls to action or paths to purchase.

But after having created thousands of websites for SMBs, we can assert quite confidently that it takes much more than that to craft web content that converts.

Focus on Quality, not Quantity

When it comes to content marketing, there is only one commandment:

Write something your customers will find meaningful, or don’t write at all. 

And if there was ever a debate between quality and quantity in terms of content marketing, Google’s continued algorithm updates – which focus on finding quality content that generates genuine engagement – have in fact ended that debate.

How to Build Your Business with Quality eBooks

If you’re a business owner who wants to carve out a marketing niche by providing quality and unique content that engages and informs, publishing an eBook is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your toolbox.

“But what do I stand to gain by investing all that time and effort into writing an eBook that I’m just going to give away?”  

It’s a valid question, and one we can answer with measureable benefits.

4 Statistics that prove great websites mean increased profits

We sell great websites, so of course we’re going to tell you they’re good for your bottom line. But if you’re looking for percentages and dollar amounts to benchmark what a “great website” is capable of, this is the list for you.

Every marketing campaign -- whether it’s in print or online -- is about grabbing people’s attention, convincing them you’re the best at what you do, persuading them to buy what you’re selling, and bringing them back for more.

What every business owner who blogs must do to succeed

There’s really no debate about whether the benefits of blogging outweigh the investment. Blogging attracts more visitors to your site, results in more leads, and boosts your other marketing efforts. Once you’ve come to terms with the necessity of a blog, you can ask yourself what strategy you want to take with your content creation, one of which is posts written by you -- the CEO.

Content creation is more work than most people realize, so it may not be for every business owner.

How to improve your lead generation with eBook campaigns

In a world where Kindles and tablets are a dime a dozen, an “eBook” might mean something different to a business owner than it does to the average consumer. Instead of electronic copies of books that have printed counterparts, eBooks in the digital marketing field are totally original pieces of content, offered by websites, with information and visual elements that instill confidence in the reader about the eBook’s creator.